Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh So Coco!

Today, was uneventful. Ahh well. That's the usual day for me :)
Featuring the oh-so-beautiful-fabulous-awesome-cool Coco Rocha! My favourite model of all time! This shoot was for Flare Magazine and I've got to say that this is probably one if my favourite shoots from her! From, her gorgeous poses to the red high heels, these outfit's are simply amazing. I just love the high heel's from the 3rd pic. Cagy heels? Sorta like an impersonation or funky imitation. I absolutely adore the dress from the 2nd pic too. Seriously, these shoots range from elegant to rocker chic :P Lace up heels (last pic) = perfection
Photo's coutesy of TFS( The Fashion Spot)

Don't you just love this photoshoot?


  1. Wow there Laura, lace up heels = perfection?
    Okay then :P
    Nice shoot!

  2. i just love the fact that it's a chalk background! must try that out soon!

  3. Coco is always so much fun and full of personality.

  4. She is one of my favorite models!Amazing.


Thanks! You just made my day :)