Monday, April 26, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

If you guys watch my youtube channel then you would know that I am taking part in my school's musical. You would also, know that the musical is Alice In Wonderland. Which sorta clashed with the movie. Anyways, I`m super excited because it is less than a month away! Who am I? I am a hedgerow, otherwise known as a big green clump of grass :P

I see hedgerows all the time, but I never knew what they were called. Epic fail, Katrina, my really close friend would say. Except the same goes for her :) Then, I realized that they were those grassy fences that people grow all the time! It`s really sad though, because I am a weed that gets teased by the oh-so pretty flowers. I have to run off stage with Katrina ( who is also a hedgerow) crying! Anyways, apparently at one point for a song called Very Good Advice it`s gonna be pitch dark in the gym and we`re gonna be wearing glow in the dark gloves! How awesome is that?!Oh, I just can`t wait...
Keep up with my blog, because something BIG is going to happen with me and Cailin from Birds of a Feather Flock Together, who was inspiration. So tune in and out over the next couple of days!
See ya! I have to go listen to music and chill while, I am supposed to be doing my Kumon :P

P.S. I got TWO new pairs of shoes yesterday! Pics tomorrow :P

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  1. Ahaha nice photo :P


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