Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shop Till You Drop!

Trench Coat : Gap
Cardigan : Gap
Purple Shirt : Gap
Skirt: Garage
Gladiators: Hot Mess
People: Lisa ( sis) and moi ( Laura)!
Today, I'm going shopping since, yesterday I didn't. YAY! I'm getting new shoes :P I LOVE this outfit. It is me. Cute vintage/casual. This one is more on the casual side but my style is cute vintage/casual. The glads make the outfit more casual but chic! Are glads still in...? I don't really care though :P Don't you like the detail on the shirt? Click on the pics for close ups!


  1. Nice pics and cute outfits!

  2. Hey,tried to write you a mail,but somehow it didn't work,so you can just write me a mail if you want to:


Thanks! You just made my day :)