Monday, May 3, 2010

Hear me ROAR!

Had a pretty usual day except, I realized that I rock at high jump and long jump. My potential has been unleashed :P Today's weather has been definitely weird. In the morning there was a thunderstorm and then, suddenly during math class my friend just yelled "Look outside!" Wow. It's beautifully scorching at the moment. 23 degrees! I am shocked. Anyways, i was just scrolling through out endless photos and I found a couple that you guys might like! Hmm, I quite like them actually.

My favourite dress, that I own at the moment.

Chinese Inspired Dress- not sure.
Tank Top- Gap
Purple Dress- Pink Soda
Hosiery- Calvin Klein


  1. I love your tights and your chinese inspired dress :)

  2. I always have tights envy, though it's clearly too hot for tights now. The first dress is very cute, I like the pop of color!

    And no, though I like Vietnamese food, I'm very much Korean. I like Korean food, too. :)

    Toast with Charmalade


Thanks! You just made my day :)