Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade

Long time, no see! Sorry, on my behalf :( My trip at Cuba was absolutely fantastic and I cannot wait to share the pics and memories with you guys!I got new clothing from Toronto and I will show you what I got next post along, with a dozen pictures of Cuba. Summer vacation has so far been really nice and I hope I get to do more fun things with my friends this summer :)
Did I mention, Spain won?! I love Germany but, I just had to cheer for Spain... they speak spanish and I love their country :P I am so nervous about the finals in which, I'll be watching!
Anyways, here is Magdalena Fiolka by Lukasz Pukowiec! I just love everything is so soft and smooth and pretty and then dynamic and dark. It's such a beautiful ed.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Excited Beyond Belief!

The title really does explain it all. :) I am so excited for my birthday and my trip to Cuba and not to mention Toronto for a few days! I really can't wait because it's all happening so soon, and it's really hard not to bubble over...  I have to go  babysitting and tutoring in half and hour so this won't be too long. Tomorrow, I am going to my friend, Alex's birthday party so, pics posted soon :P Also, on my birthday, June 18th (which is a school day) my grade is having a fundraiser for One Drop and the Humane Society and it's a bake sale/garage sale plus we're having a nail salon :) Isn't my teacher awesome?? For the bake sale, I have to make 3 dozen cupcakes! Anyways, I decided to make Pacman Cupcakes. Check out the recipe here. I think they are adorable :) Talk to you guys later!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time Flies By...

Wow...time just flies by, doesn't it? The last I posted was so long ago, I feel like it's a been years :) I've been really busy and I guess, I just haven't had the time to post :( Anyways, I forgot to tell you all before, but I am a babysitter/tutor for the cutest kids in the world. I babysat/tutored them today for 3 hours with Mandy! My feet are killing me. Anyways, I have some pics from the last time I babysat them since, I didn't have my camera with me today.
Say hello to... Karina and Tiana!
Ohh... I miss them already! Posts up soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, horrible Dress Codes!

Hello! So sorry I haven't been posting lately :(  I've really busy getting prepared for the musical I am in (Alice in Wonderland) and I have practice so much, it's hard to cram everything in at once :P But, here I am. Next week for me is the week of freedom. No classes at all! Let me explain... Monday : P.A. day Victoria Day so no school Tuesday : All day dress rehearsal for musical. Wednesday : Performances all day Thursday + Waking up extra early to be on time! : Field Trip to NAC and museum (hopefully, pics!) After all, I do have to dress nicely for it :P Then, come back home for a couple of hours then go back to school for night performance Friday : Track and Field which, I am half dreading! Maybe I shouldn't say it's a week of freedom...I think it's a week of imprisonment.  
Score! I found a beautiful ed from the beautiful Bianca Balti! This ed is called Morning Beauty ( photographer is Camilla Ackrans) and although, it looks like it's midnight I love it! It's inspiration I would say is the chinese-eeness of the ed :P It features a lot of clothes you would associate with the chinese which is a good thing. But, WOW... it's amazing! Especially, the awesome heels that definitely are hard to walk in :)   

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yesterday, Anna and I went to go bake at my best friend's house. We baked tiramisu and it tastes delicious! Didn't take to long considering all the other times I bake at her house. :P In these pics it has Katrina ( my friend), Anna ( my sister from satinsugar), moi ( Laura) and Katrina's brother, Christopher. Enjoy!

 Shrug - Garage
Tank Top - Stitches

Friday, May 7, 2010


If you ask anyone who knows me if I like Italy, they'll all say that I love Italy. The language, the food just everything. I've never been to Italy but, I will one day and it'll be a fantastic time! Anyways, on to the subject of this post. RUCHE! My favourite shop although it's online. It's just screams out Laura! Ruche's style? Cutesy vintage.

       These wedges are to die for! So simple and versatile. Oh, and adorable! Except, perhaps a little to lady-like for me and my age :( No worries, though!               

This is so, so, so, so SO cute! I love the floral pattern and it looks so adorable. I would pair that with a yellow shirt with skinny jeans. Ahhh, this is a must. birthday is coming up ( June) :P

This necklace is so cute. Definitely on my list. The birds are so adorable and the jewels at the bottom add to all the cuteness!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hear me ROAR!

Had a pretty usual day except, I realized that I rock at high jump and long jump. My potential has been unleashed :P Today's weather has been definitely weird. In the morning there was a thunderstorm and then, suddenly during math class my friend just yelled "Look outside!" Wow. It's beautifully scorching at the moment. 23 degrees! I am shocked. Anyways, i was just scrolling through out endless photos and I found a couple that you guys might like! Hmm, I quite like them actually.

My favourite dress, that I own at the moment.

Chinese Inspired Dress- not sure.
Tank Top- Gap
Purple Dress- Pink Soda
Hosiery- Calvin Klein