Monday, April 19, 2010


I am a newbie. Used to own a youtube channel but, eh? It was such a hassle for me. It's still open but I'm not uploading anymore vlogs anytime soon. Look at it for fun : sawthewaves
This is gonna be a cute 'fashion' blog! I'll be showing products that I like, products I want, things like that. Let's start shall we? I've been wanting these canvas sneaks for awhile now but our local Payless store didn't carry them :(
Photo courtesy of Payless Shoe Source

If they don't have them at our next Payless store than, I'll probably be getting these sneakers from Aldo in my local shopping mall :Photo courtesy of Aldo Shoes

So cute! I love the sky blue colour. It's just looks so true.
Hmm, time to go to sleep. Night, blogggers!

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  1. Cute shoes. I've been looking for some canvas sneakers :)


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