Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh So Coco!

Today, was uneventful. Ahh well. That's the usual day for me :)
Featuring the oh-so-beautiful-fabulous-awesome-cool Coco Rocha! My favourite model of all time! This shoot was for Flare Magazine and I've got to say that this is probably one if my favourite shoots from her! From, her gorgeous poses to the red high heels, these outfit's are simply amazing. I just love the high heel's from the 3rd pic. Cagy heels? Sorta like an impersonation or funky imitation. I absolutely adore the dress from the 2nd pic too. Seriously, these shoots range from elegant to rocker chic :P Lace up heels (last pic) = perfection
Photo's coutesy of TFS( The Fashion Spot)

Don't you just love this photoshoot?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm a New Soul

Such pretty pics! So beautiful.Photos courtesy of Cailin`s blog!

Fun, caring, loving, sweet. That's a whole bunch of Cailin for ya :P Cailin was my soul inspirer to make a blog and I just had to do an interview with her! Cailin from Birds of a Feather Flock Together is a blogger who has come a long way and has an amazing personality and fashion sense :)
Questions and Answers!

What/who was your inspiration to start blogging or to take part in fashion?
A :
About 2 years ago,I joined and felt so inspired by all these amazing people on there,and my interest in fashion grew and grew. Through lookbook I found several blogs which I really liked,and since I started to become fashion obsessed,I wanted to share my style and opinions with other people.
2. Who is your favourite designer?
A :
That's tough,because I change my mind a lot about things like these. But at the moment I'd say Burberry Prorsum,Miu Miu and Chanel. But I still loooove Luella although it doesn't exist anymore :(
Where, do you want to travel in the future or a place you really want to visit?
I've already seen a lot of places all over the world,but I'd love to go to Sweden,China,Japan,Australia and some more places in America.
What would you like to become?
A: I want to do something fashion-related,that's for sure,but I haven't quite figured out what exactly.
5. Your favourite pairs of shoes?
A: Do I have to own them? If not I'd defenitely say,the SS2010 black Miu Miu heels with white swallows on them. They are pure perfection.
6. Your music taste ( bands/singers)?
A: At the moment I love: La Roux,Marina and the Diamonds,Robyn,I Blame Coco,Metric,Chew Lips,New Young Pony Club,The XX,You say party! We say die!, LoneLady,Operator Please,Class Actress and my all time favourite is Roisin Murphy. Sorry for the long list,but it's quite hard to define my taste in one word,and I'd probably tell you different artists in a month :)
7. Favourite movies?
A: Probably lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events and Vicky Christina Barcelona.
8. If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
A: Haha,I don't really know a lot of superheros,but if I could choose a superpower,I'd love to be able to fly like a bird :)
9. Cutesy chic with an edge or Rocker chic with a cutesy side?

A: Cute chic with an edge!
10. Primark or UO?
A: UO defenitely! I love UO so much,and I am so happy each time I go there! I love,like,almost all the clothes,the smell,the interior. LOVE.

Equipped with a whole load of beautiful hair, amazing fashion sense and stunning personality Cailin is by far one of the best bloggers of all time. Check out her blog and be amazed HERE!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

If you guys watch my youtube channel then you would know that I am taking part in my school's musical. You would also, know that the musical is Alice In Wonderland. Which sorta clashed with the movie. Anyways, I`m super excited because it is less than a month away! Who am I? I am a hedgerow, otherwise known as a big green clump of grass :P

I see hedgerows all the time, but I never knew what they were called. Epic fail, Katrina, my really close friend would say. Except the same goes for her :) Then, I realized that they were those grassy fences that people grow all the time! It`s really sad though, because I am a weed that gets teased by the oh-so pretty flowers. I have to run off stage with Katrina ( who is also a hedgerow) crying! Anyways, apparently at one point for a song called Very Good Advice it`s gonna be pitch dark in the gym and we`re gonna be wearing glow in the dark gloves! How awesome is that?!Oh, I just can`t wait...
Keep up with my blog, because something BIG is going to happen with me and Cailin from Birds of a Feather Flock Together, who was inspiration. So tune in and out over the next couple of days!
See ya! I have to go listen to music and chill while, I am supposed to be doing my Kumon :P

P.S. I got TWO new pairs of shoes yesterday! Pics tomorrow :P

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shop Till You Drop!

Trench Coat : Gap
Cardigan : Gap
Purple Shirt : Gap
Skirt: Garage
Gladiators: Hot Mess
People: Lisa ( sis) and moi ( Laura)!
Today, I'm going shopping since, yesterday I didn't. YAY! I'm getting new shoes :P I LOVE this outfit. It is me. Cute vintage/casual. This one is more on the casual side but my style is cute vintage/casual. The glads make the outfit more casual but chic! Are glads still in...? I don't really care though :P Don't you like the detail on the shirt? Click on the pics for close ups!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Somehow, I know it'll all turn out.

The title is from my fave song at the moment. Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé The weather is fantastic today! It's 20 degrees. And that's saying something where I live, since we're just entering the spring season. Do you guys like my header? I just had to use it. Now, I guess I have to tell you it's origin :P Montreal. Oshega 2009. Ahhh. Such a fabulous time over there. Lots if shoppin! But, most importantly, Osheaga. It's such a wonderful festival. That festival opened my eyes. To Coldplay! Coldplay is my fave band. Oh, what would've happened if I didn't go to Osheaga? Apparently, we're going again this year because the line-up is amazing. Or that's what Anna says :) Anyways, back to the header. We were strolling around after we visited a beautiful, beautiful cathedral. You know. Walking around finding things to see, looking for things to do. The fountain was extremely pretty in person and we had to take pictures. My dad loves jumping pictures and told us to. It was such a nice day. Gosh. This is such a rambler blog. Whoops. Time just flies by, doesn't it? Thanks blog for making me happy and not bored. Now, I have to retire and go change for the dinner. Can't wait to eat :)

The hands that touched Coldplay members :P I touched all of them, it was truly an amazing night!

Yummy food!

Cute outfit or not? I am gonna pair this with my pink cardigan. Simple but chic!
Shirt : Gap
Leggings : Lasenza Girl
Flats : American Eagle
Head thing : Homemade
The beads are from my sister's cell project :P

Today my family and I are supposed to be going out to dinner for my 2nd cousin's one month celebration. I really wanna go to our local shopping mall to buy shoes ( hopefully, you know which ones, if you don't go to my first blog). Unfortunately, my sister has to go to her friend's house before and my lazy mom doesn't wanna drive 15 minutes back to pick her up. So, today's plans are little pickled :) Hopefully, we'll go shopping tomorrow. All, I know is that we have to go to the restaurant at 6:30! Jeez. :P

Monday, April 19, 2010


I am a newbie. Used to own a youtube channel but, eh? It was such a hassle for me. It's still open but I'm not uploading anymore vlogs anytime soon. Look at it for fun : sawthewaves
This is gonna be a cute 'fashion' blog! I'll be showing products that I like, products I want, things like that. Let's start shall we? I've been wanting these canvas sneaks for awhile now but our local Payless store didn't carry them :(
Photo courtesy of Payless Shoe Source

If they don't have them at our next Payless store than, I'll probably be getting these sneakers from Aldo in my local shopping mall :Photo courtesy of Aldo Shoes

So cute! I love the sky blue colour. It's just looks so true.
Hmm, time to go to sleep. Night, blogggers!