Saturday, April 24, 2010

Somehow, I know it'll all turn out.

The title is from my fave song at the moment. Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé The weather is fantastic today! It's 20 degrees. And that's saying something where I live, since we're just entering the spring season. Do you guys like my header? I just had to use it. Now, I guess I have to tell you it's origin :P Montreal. Oshega 2009. Ahhh. Such a fabulous time over there. Lots if shoppin! But, most importantly, Osheaga. It's such a wonderful festival. That festival opened my eyes. To Coldplay! Coldplay is my fave band. Oh, what would've happened if I didn't go to Osheaga? Apparently, we're going again this year because the line-up is amazing. Or that's what Anna says :) Anyways, back to the header. We were strolling around after we visited a beautiful, beautiful cathedral. You know. Walking around finding things to see, looking for things to do. The fountain was extremely pretty in person and we had to take pictures. My dad loves jumping pictures and told us to. It was such a nice day. Gosh. This is such a rambler blog. Whoops. Time just flies by, doesn't it? Thanks blog for making me happy and not bored. Now, I have to retire and go change for the dinner. Can't wait to eat :)

The hands that touched Coldplay members :P I touched all of them, it was truly an amazing night!

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