Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yummy food!

Cute outfit or not? I am gonna pair this with my pink cardigan. Simple but chic!
Shirt : Gap
Leggings : Lasenza Girl
Flats : American Eagle
Head thing : Homemade
The beads are from my sister's cell project :P

Today my family and I are supposed to be going out to dinner for my 2nd cousin's one month celebration. I really wanna go to our local shopping mall to buy shoes ( hopefully, you know which ones, if you don't go to my first blog). Unfortunately, my sister has to go to her friend's house before and my lazy mom doesn't wanna drive 15 minutes back to pick her up. So, today's plans are little pickled :) Hopefully, we'll go shopping tomorrow. All, I know is that we have to go to the restaurant at 6:30! Jeez. :P


  1. Cute indeed!

  2. hey its great that you're a fashion lover at such a young age!

    hope that you'll become more fashionable yeah?

    p.s: are you a singaporean?


Thanks! You just made my day :)