Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm a New Soul

Such pretty pics! So beautiful.Photos courtesy of Cailin`s blog!

Fun, caring, loving, sweet. That's a whole bunch of Cailin for ya :P Cailin was my soul inspirer to make a blog and I just had to do an interview with her! Cailin from Birds of a Feather Flock Together is a blogger who has come a long way and has an amazing personality and fashion sense :)
Questions and Answers!

What/who was your inspiration to start blogging or to take part in fashion?
A :
About 2 years ago,I joined and felt so inspired by all these amazing people on there,and my interest in fashion grew and grew. Through lookbook I found several blogs which I really liked,and since I started to become fashion obsessed,I wanted to share my style and opinions with other people.
2. Who is your favourite designer?
A :
That's tough,because I change my mind a lot about things like these. But at the moment I'd say Burberry Prorsum,Miu Miu and Chanel. But I still loooove Luella although it doesn't exist anymore :(
Where, do you want to travel in the future or a place you really want to visit?
I've already seen a lot of places all over the world,but I'd love to go to Sweden,China,Japan,Australia and some more places in America.
What would you like to become?
A: I want to do something fashion-related,that's for sure,but I haven't quite figured out what exactly.
5. Your favourite pairs of shoes?
A: Do I have to own them? If not I'd defenitely say,the SS2010 black Miu Miu heels with white swallows on them. They are pure perfection.
6. Your music taste ( bands/singers)?
A: At the moment I love: La Roux,Marina and the Diamonds,Robyn,I Blame Coco,Metric,Chew Lips,New Young Pony Club,The XX,You say party! We say die!, LoneLady,Operator Please,Class Actress and my all time favourite is Roisin Murphy. Sorry for the long list,but it's quite hard to define my taste in one word,and I'd probably tell you different artists in a month :)
7. Favourite movies?
A: Probably lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events and Vicky Christina Barcelona.
8. If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
A: Haha,I don't really know a lot of superheros,but if I could choose a superpower,I'd love to be able to fly like a bird :)
9. Cutesy chic with an edge or Rocker chic with a cutesy side?

A: Cute chic with an edge!
10. Primark or UO?
A: UO defenitely! I love UO so much,and I am so happy each time I go there! I love,like,almost all the clothes,the smell,the interior. LOVE.

Equipped with a whole load of beautiful hair, amazing fashion sense and stunning personality Cailin is by far one of the best bloggers of all time. Check out her blog and be amazed HERE!


  1. I love Cailin's blog too :P
    She has great style!
    So sad Luella's gone :(

  2. Oh my thats so so cute ♥ I am blushing :) Love!

  3. She is a really sweet girl with great style.


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