Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, horrible Dress Codes!

Hello! So sorry I haven't been posting lately :(  I've really busy getting prepared for the musical I am in (Alice in Wonderland) and I have practice so much, it's hard to cram everything in at once :P But, here I am. Next week for me is the week of freedom. No classes at all! Let me explain... Monday : P.A. day Victoria Day so no school Tuesday : All day dress rehearsal for musical. Wednesday : Performances all day Thursday + Waking up extra early to be on time! : Field Trip to NAC and museum (hopefully, pics!) After all, I do have to dress nicely for it :P Then, come back home for a couple of hours then go back to school for night performance Friday : Track and Field which, I am half dreading! Maybe I shouldn't say it's a week of freedom...I think it's a week of imprisonment.  
Score! I found a beautiful ed from the beautiful Bianca Balti! This ed is called Morning Beauty ( photographer is Camilla Ackrans) and although, it looks like it's midnight I love it! It's inspiration I would say is the chinese-eeness of the ed :P It features a lot of clothes you would associate with the chinese which is a good thing. But, WOW... it's amazing! Especially, the awesome heels that definitely are hard to walk in :)   


  1. I love these photos. Such beautiful colors.

  2. love these photos!


  3. This editorial is truly stunning!


Thanks! You just made my day :)