Saturday, June 12, 2010

Excited Beyond Belief!

The title really does explain it all. :) I am so excited for my birthday and my trip to Cuba and not to mention Toronto for a few days! I really can't wait because it's all happening so soon, and it's really hard not to bubble over...  I have to go  babysitting and tutoring in half and hour so this won't be too long. Tomorrow, I am going to my friend, Alex's birthday party so, pics posted soon :P Also, on my birthday, June 18th (which is a school day) my grade is having a fundraiser for One Drop and the Humane Society and it's a bake sale/garage sale plus we're having a nail salon :) Isn't my teacher awesome?? For the bake sale, I have to make 3 dozen cupcakes! Anyways, I decided to make Pacman Cupcakes. Check out the recipe here. I think they are adorable :) Talk to you guys later!

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